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Suggested Proposal Format


     The firm must provide six (6) copies of the proposal.  The proposal should not exceed thirty (30) pages in length, be bound, with pages 8.5 by 11 inches.


Letter of interest - The firm should provide a brief statement of its interest in working on the project and should acknowledge the conditions states in the request for proposals.

Statement of Qualifications - The firm should outline its capacity to provide required services.  

This should include:

  • A one page overview of the firm.

  • A more detailed statement of the firm's capacity, especially as it relates to project.  Experience with similar projects and funding sources is of paramount importance.

  • A description of representative projects.  This should identify the project's owner, location, and cost; indicate if the project was developed within its budget and on time; and provide a brief description of the project.  Firms responding to this request should submit information on like projects completed in the last five years. 

Plan of Approach - The firm should describe a plan of approach used with similar projects or outline a plan of approach of this project.

Staff Capacity - The firm should review its staff capacity and describe staff resources that would be used in serving the project.  This should include:

  • A one page overview of the firm's staff capacity.

  • An organization chart for this project

  • An identification of key staff members that may be assigned to the project and a description of individual responsibilities.

  • Resumes for key staff members that clearly indicate educational backgrounds, professional registrations, years of relevant experience, and experience with similar projects.

 Other - The firm may wish to provide the following optional information:

  • Documentation of minority/disadvantage business enterprise status.

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